Moira Powley
Moira and Karen
Moira and Karen
Moira's Memorial border July 2008

The tremendous response to the proposal to create a memorial shrub and specimen tree border (along the right side of the garden enhancing the view to the churchyard) has been a heart-warming reflection of the esteem and affection so many people had for Moira.

There are now no shrubs left to sponsor so the next step will be to begin approaching various suppliers. Some trees will be purchased ‘bare rooted’ to maximise the contributions, while most of the shrubs will be container grown. It is expected to finish the buying by the end of the summer and planting will largely take place in the autumn. In the first year many plants will look very young but in 3-5 years time the border should develop into an interesting, colourful reminder of a much loved and vibrant person.

It is proposed to label each plant and draw up a plan so future visitors can identify ‘their’ plant. If anyone still wishes to contribute to the border we would be grateful for further donations towards tree stakes, protective wire etc (against potential rabbit and deer damage).

Please direct any communication in respect of the border to Rowena Lane on 01985 840424 (Purple Parrot Limited) or

Evergreen Trees
  Name Description Cost Donor's Name & details
Euclyptus Eucalyptus dalrympleana Up to 25m, one of the hardy and fastest growing with long blue-grey leaves and pale grey-white mottled bark turning pink-grey in late summer. Scented snow white blossom in spring £35 Gary Hunter
The Supplies Group Ltd
Eucalyptus coccifera
(Tasmanian Snow Gum)
Up to 25m, a hardy eucalyptus with long green peppermint scented leaves, white fluffy flowers in summer £42 Jasper & Angela Williams

Deciduous Trees
  Name Description Cost Donor's Name & details
Glenditsia triacanthos ‘Sunburst’ 12m lovely shaped tree with fern-like glossy leaves that stay bright yellow well into summer and then darken slightly £35 Mel Ramsden & Simon Basford
Acer Capillipes "Snakebark Maple" 12m tough Acer with bright green leaves that turn red-orange in autumn. Older branches are striped green-white £25 Lesley Watson, Evert Lindquist & family
Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’ 20m large lobbed purple leaves that turn orange in autumn £30 Jenny and Philip Powley
Betula utilis Jacquemontii - West Himalayan Birch 15m Attractive bright white bark, yellowy brown catkins in spring, dark green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. Often planted in 3’s for effect £60
for three
Martin Pain for Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Acer platanoides 'Drummondii' 15m white variegated leaves that turn orange in autumn, fast grower £60
for three
Mike & Jane Wooldridge
Cercis Canadensis ‘Forest pansy’ Eastern Redbud 10x10m can be grown as a tree or shrub. Magenta flowers in spring followed by heart shaped reddish leaves £35 Sue Biggs
Cercis siliquastrum
(Judas tree)
Leaves appear late after clusters of purple pea-shaped blooms which can smother the tree. In late summer large bunches of rich purple pods are produced, while the foliage turns light yellow- chestnut in autumn £25 The Newman Family
Paulownia tomentosa (Foxglove Tree) 13m spreading tree with large leaves and foxglove-like pink-lilac flowers in spring before the leaves appear £35 Mike & Vivian Edgar
Davidia involucrata (pocket hancherchief tree) 15m conical tree with heart shaped, vivid green (felted underneath) leaves. Large white ‘flowers’ in late spring £35 Richard & Vicky Pierson
Catalpa bignonioides ‘Aurea’ (Indian bean tree) 15m large leaves begin bright yellow becoming green when white flowers appear in summer followed by long seed pods £35 Sue Biggs
Prunus x yedoensis (Yoshino cherry) 7m the classic Japanese cherry. Round headed tree with pink tinged white flowers in profusion in spring. Leaves colour well in the autumn £35 David Houghton
Malus ‘Royalty’ 10m Glossy purple leaves and crimson-purple flowers in spring £20 Jan Sundelin & Erik Valkenburg
Cornus alternifolia ‘Argentea’ (Pagoda tree) 7m elegant spreading tree grown for its narrow, white variegated leaves £30 Sue Biggs
Salix caprea (Kilmarnock Willow) 2m weeping tree that has good catkins and weeping branches £35 Norah Bone, Susan Hannah and Heather Walsh

Evergreen shrubs
  Name Description Cost Donor's Name & details
Eleagnus pungens ‘Quicksilver’ 4m lovely long leafed silver foliage, small white sweetly scented flowers in summer £12 Jessica Paulson
  Elaeaguns pugens ‘maculata’ 2x2m very reliable shrub with yellow variegated leaves £13 Mel Ramsden & Simon Basford
  Pittosporum tunnifolium ‘Tom Thumb’ 6x2m glossy serrated leaves, young golden-green leaves develop purple tones £10 Mel Ramsden & Simon Basford
  Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Garnetii' 4m shrub with variegated leaves, During late spring and early summer small, bell-shaped, purple flowers are produced in clusters £12 Martin & Fiona Bradbury
Viburnum rhytidophyllum 5m statuesque shrub with large, long leaves and large heads of small white flowers early summer followed by red fruits £10 Mel Ramsden & Simon Basford
Hypericum ‘Hidcote’ 1m large yellow flowers mid summer - autumn £10 Mel Ramsden & Simon Basford
  Ilex aquifolium ‘Silver Queen’ (Holly) 3x6m shiny white edged leaves £10 Jim & Isobel O’Connor
  Choisya ternata Sundance 1.5m Evergreen bright yellow leaves and small scented white flowers £12 Anthony Dooley
Photinia fraseri ‘Little red robin’ 1m new, more compact variety of the traditional photinia, fresh red new shoots £12 Chris Hopper
Prunus lusitanica Variegata (variegated Portuguese laurel) 6x6m sturdy shrub with glossy leaves that are pink-white variegated £12 Chris Hopper
Viburnum tinus ‘Gwenllian’ 3x3m a robust shrub similar to ‘Eve Price’ but has pink tinged flowers (instead of white) in spring £10 Chris Hopper
  Euonymous fortunei ‘Silver Queen’ 2.2m robust, dense shrub with dark green leaves broadly edged white £10 Glen Burchall
Escallonia Pride of Donard

1.5m small shiny dark green leaves held on red-brown young stems. Pink-rose flowers thought the summer

£10 Maggie & Willard Boepple

Decidious Shrubs
  Name Description Cost Donor's Name & details
  Sambucus niger ‘Black lace’ 2.5m with maroon cut leaves that turn red in autumn
Sambucus ‘Sutherlands Gold’ 2.5m fresh yellow cut leaves £10 Linda McLean
  Forsythia Spectabilis 3x1.8m large sprays of bright yellow flowers in early spring   Linda McLean
  Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple' (smoke bush)

5m deep maroon, purple leaves that turn bright orange in autumn. In summer it is covered with a smoky haze of pinkish flower plumes, giving it a smoke-like appearance. £12 Julia and Vaci Koblizek
Cotinus coggygria 'Golden Spirit' 2.5m the first golden- leaved smoke bush. The foliage is tinted with red when it first opens, and is complemented by smoky yellow flowers in June and July. In autumn, the leaves turn fiery shades of red and orange.
£12 Marcia Houghton
Ceanothus Veitchianus

2x2m small glossy leaves, deep blue flowers mainly from May-June. Very hardy form


Graham & Hilary Connellan

  Deutzia Mont Rose 1x1.5m dark green foliage and pink flowers in summer
£12 Graham & Hilary Connellan
Ribes sanguineum Pulborough Scarlet (Flowering red currant) 2.5x2m Rich red tubular flowers with white centres in April before the leaves form. This vigorous form is also one of the richest coloured
`£10 Katie Rock
Romneya Coulteri (Tree poppy) 2.5x2 Papery, pure- white, poppy-like flowers with golden- yellow centres from July-October and deeply lobed, grey-green leaves
`£25 Martin & Amanda Pain
Paeonia delavayi (Tree peony) 1.5m stunning maroon- red flowers from late spring to early summer and handsome, deep green leaves tinged red in spring. The single blooms are up to 10cm £20 Martin & Amanda Pain
Tamarix Pentandra ‘Pink Cascade’ 4.5m Scented pink flowers, feathery foliage £20 Diane Davis
Weigelia Follis Purpureis 1.5m bushy shrub with funnel shaped deep pink flowers in May. Leaves are bronzy-purple £10 Diane Davis
Syringa ‘Charles Joly’

4m bushy shrub, large panicles of double red- pink flowers in late spring-early summer

£10 Gilly Milne
Syringa yunnanensis (Yunnan Lilac) 3m large pointed dark green eaves with panicles of pale pink flowers
£20 The Wells family
Syringa vulgaris ‘congo’ (Lilac) 2x1m light maroon flowers, good foliage
£10 Anthony Dooley
Cornus ‘silver & gold’ 2x2m white variegated summer foliage, yellow winter stems
£12 Jim & Isobel O’Connor
Cornus ‘Hedgerows
2x2m new from the US, yellow variegated summer foliage, red winter stems. £12 Jim & Isobel O’Connor
  Buddleia crispa (Himalayan butterfly
2m oval grey-green felted leaves. From mid to late summer has lots of fragrant lilac flowers with white eyes £12 Bill & Danny Blanchard
Buddleia Davidii Black
Up to 3m summer- flowering shrub producing dense spikes of fragrant, dark purple flowers, which attract butterflies and other beneficial insects into the garden. In autumn the pointed grey-green leaves turn butter- yellow £12 Birgit Patty
Buddleia Harlequin Up to 3m continuous summer flowering shrub with panicles of fragrant, red-purple flowers that are very attractive to butterflies. It has yellow and green variegated foliage
£12 Jill Cowley
Rose glauca (was named R. rubrifolia)

2m fine grey-purple leaves and red steams, small pink flowers in summer turn into large red heps in autumn

£10 Anthony Dooley
  Rubus biflorus (white
stemmed bramble)
2m thorny purple stems with ferny foliage (green above, white below) small pink flowers and edible yellow autumn fruits. Bare stems have striking white bloom in winter

£10 Anthony Dooley
Leycesteria Formosa (Pheasant berry / Himalayan Honeysuckle) 2m tall stalks with hanging racemes of deep purple in Aug/Sept followed by black (non edible) berries £10 Sarah
Corylus maxima ‘purpurea’ (‘red’ leafed hazel) 5x4m tall stems with maroon leaves following yellow catkins. Can produce cob nuts £10 Tracy, Tony, Lucy & Katie Beadle
  Philadelphus ‘belle etoile’ 2m very fragrant white flowers in spring-early summer £10 Dave & Shirley Hicks
Neillia thibetica

2m large glossy, maple- shaped leaves and profuse slender spikes of rose-pink flowers in spring-early summer

£12 Elspeth & Bill Watson
Hibiscus syriacus ‘blue bird’/'Oiseau Bleu'

3m lobed deep green leaves and large, red centred, lilac-blue flowers form late summer to mid autumn

£12 The Evans family
Hibiscus syriacus

3m rich pink flowers. Has been awarded the AGM

£12 Jean & David Sartorius
Hibiscus syriacus 'Lady Stanley' (tree holyhoch) 3m has been grown for more than 100 years. The flowers form a mass of white petals, flushed deep maroon £12 Jean & David Sartorius
  Also the following have kindly contributed towards buying vital tree stakes, ties, protection netting (against deer and rabbit damage) mulch and labels: Mel Ramsden & Simon Basford, Pat & Geoff Frost,The Newman family, Mike and Vivian Edgar

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